We have 12 years experience successfully guiding climbers on Kilimanjaro climb routes. Our experienced Kilimanjaro climb teams are available to start any date on all Kilimanjaro routes. Attention to detail and your safety are paramount.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro. Choose a route and ascend to the glacial summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience one of the world’s most achievable high altitude mountain and stand at the highest point in Africa

Climbers approach summit of Kilimanjaro

Kili-trekkers rest on Machame route

Climb Kilimanjaro Machame Route

Machame route follows a rugged up and down trail and some of the terrain is steep and challenging. Machame is one of the best Kilimanjaro routes for acclimatizing to the high altitude.

Climb Kilimanjaro Lemosho

Book eight days climbing on Lemosho route. Lemosho is a relatively low traffic Kilimanjaro route and good for acclimatization. The route starts on the western forested slopes then curves to the south to join the south circuit (Machame) for the summit ascent.

checking Kilimanjaro trail ahead

Tarn Hut camp on Rongai route, Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

Rongai route is a low traffic route starting near the Kenyan border, on the north-east side of Kilimanjaro. Rongai generally receives less rain than other Kilimanjaro routes which is evident in the beginning of the trail. Rongai is a gradual ascent and offers the possibility of seeing wildlife.

Climb Kilimanjaro Marangu Route

Marangu route ascends gradually on a well-marked trail. Ascent and descent on this popular Kilimanjaro route is on the same trail. Mountain huts are provided – a comfort bonus in the rainy seasons. Advanced hut booking is essential.

Above the clouds at Gilman's Point on Kilimanjaro Machame route

Scrambling up Baranco Wall on Kilimanjaro.

Get Kilitrek Fit

Mount Kilimanjaro is a seriously high climb and possibly one of the most challenging adventures you ever pay for. Getting trek fit will help you achieve summit success but may also help you enjoy the experience. Check out our tips to help you prepare.