Climb Kilimanjaro

Climbers approach summit of Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Climbers approach the summit – Uhuru Peak

Climb Kilimanjaro routes.

Climb Kilimanjaro and reach the summit of the highest point in Africa.  We expertly guide small groups, large groups and charity events on all Kilimanjaro climb routes. Choose a route and a date to start your Kilimanjaro climb.

To climb Kilimanjaro is to take on an achievable challenge. Get ready by improving your physical fitness, stamina and motivation. All routes are non-technical and accessible. We provide trained guides and quality equipment to help you safely climb Kilimanjaro. Our guides look for opportunities to keep you motivated and support you to enjoy your climb and ultimately to achieve success.


What is a Kilimanjaro climb like?

Group on Kilimanjaro climb route successfully reaches the summit

Celebrating Kilimanjaro summit success.

Climb Kilimanjaro! It’s a tough hike at increasing altitude that challenges body and stamina. You are encouraged to ascend slowly (to use up the least amount of energy), drink plenty of fluids (to prevent dehydration) and report if you feel unwell. On most routes the trail allows for hiking to higher elevations during  the day but sleeping at a lower elevations each night which is good for acclimatization.

Prepare with the right gear for changeable weather and temperature during the trek. The trail begins within the rain forest which can be dry and warm or wet and cool. As you gain altitude, expect dramatic temperature drops, especially at night, and Arctic like conditions on the summit.

We email a Kilimanjaro information pack to help you prepare, select your equipment and clothing and to explain in more detail what to expect when you climb Kilimanjaro.

Get fit before you climb Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro is strenuous on any route. As you climb Kilimanjaro you will be hiking for long periods at a slow pace. You will carry a day pack of around 5 kg which will feel more heavy day by day because the demands on the body increase as you gain altitude. It is important to check with your medical practitioner before you consider the challenge of a Kilimanjaro climb.

A good level of fitness will help you to climb Kilimanjaro safely and also increase the enjoyment of the challenge. The best way to increase fitness level is to start training at least two months in advance. During preparations eat well, sleep well and keep a positive attitude. Good preparation will help your body to function more efficiently when you climb Kilimanjaro.

Choose a route.

Lemosho | Machame  | Rongai  | Marangu

Additional climb Kilimanjaro routes are also available – Shira, Umbwe, Lemosho-Circuit.

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Read our tips to help you to increase your Kilimanjaro trekking fitness and stamina.

To find out what is included and excluded in your climb, check out the Kilitrekking equipment and services page.