Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Trek on Kilimanjaro. Choose a Kilitrekking route and climb to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa.

Kilitreks and Safaris have over 12 years experience successfully guiding Kili trekking trips. Safety and attention to detail are paramount.

Kilimanjaro Trekking Challenge

A successful Kilimanjaro summit

Reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is an achievable challenge. We expertly guide private Kilimanjaro treks, groups and charity events on all routes.

Kilimanjaro trekking routes are non-technical and accessible. If you have a good level of physical fitness and motivation, our trained guides and quality equipment will help you to achieve a safe, successful and enjoyable Kilimanjaro climb.

What is a Kilimanjaro trek like?

Throughout your Kili trek your body needs to adjust to the increasing altitude. You will be encouraged to ascend slowly (wasting the least amount of energy possible), drink plenty of fluids (to prevent dehydration) and to report if you feel unwell. On most routes the trails allow for hiking to higher elevations during the day and sleeping at a lower elevation each night, which is good for acclimatization.

You need to be prepared for changeable temperature and weather during the trek. The ascent starts within the rain forest which can be dry and warm or wet and cool, but as you gain altitude expect dramatic drops in temperatures, especially at night, and Arctic like conditions on the summit.

We will send you a Kilimanjaro information pack to help you prepare, select your equipment and clothing and explain in more detail what to expect when you climb Kilimanjaro.

Get fit before you climb Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro trekking is essentially a hike. You will be hiking at a slow pace over long periods while carrying a day pack (around 5kg). The demands on the body will increase as you gain altitude. It is therefore important to check with your medical practitioner before you consider the challenge of trekking Kilimanjaro.

The best way to increase your level of fitness for Kilitrekking is to start training at least two months in advance. Hike as much as possible on hills and mountains to condition leg muscles to cope with long periods of up and down (wearing the boots you intend to use). Joining a gym is a good alternative if you don't have access to hiking trails.

Include aerobic exercises (cycling, jogging). This will help your body to function more efficiently with less oxygen when at altitude. Lastly, eat well, sleep well and keep a positive attitude.

A good level of fitness will help you to climb Kilimanjaro safely and also increase the enjoyment of the challenge - read tips to help you to increase your Kilimanjaro trekking fitness and stamina.

Choose a Kilimanjaro route.

Read about Kilimanjaro trekking routes before you decide.

Lemosho Route: 8 climb days (camping route).

Lemosho route remains a low traffic Kilimanjaro route, offering peaceful and unspoiled Kili trekking up to Shira Plateau before joining the south circuit (Machame) for the summit ascent.

Machame Route: 6 or 7 climb days (camping route).

Machame route follows a rugged up and down trail and in parts is steep and challenging. Machame is of the best Kilimanjaro routes for acclimatizing to the high altitude. An excellent kilitrekking choice for more experienced hikers.

Rongai Route: 6 or 7 climb days (camping route).

Rongai route is a low traffic route starting on the north-east of Kilimanjaro, near the Kenyan border. Rongai generally receives less rain than other Kilimanjaro routes. The trail is a gradual ascent and offers the possibility of seeing wildlife.

Marangu Route: 6 climb days (hut route).

Marangu route ascends gradually on a well-marked trail. Ascent and descent on this popular Kilimanjaro route is on the same trail. Mountain huts are provided - a comfort bonus in the rainy seasons. Advanced hut booking is essential.

Kilitreks & Safaris trekking teams are available on any date for all Kilimanjaro routes.

Lemosho | Machame | Rongai | Marangu

Climbing on other Kilimanjaro routes is also available e.g. Shira, Umbwe, Lemosho-Circuit. Send your Kilimanjaro climb request on the activity booking form.

What do Kilimanjaro climb prices include and exclude?

We provide a general list of what is included and excluded in a Kilimanjaro climbing price on the equipment and services page.


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