Hippo pool

Hippo keep cool during the day in Ruaha river.

Ruaha national park is located in the heart of the Tanzania, in an unique transition zone, where the fauna and flora of eastern and southern African overlap.The relative inaccessibility of Ruaha national park has resulted in fewer tourists visiting, but those who do visit are rewarded with a real sense of the unspoiled and untamed; reflecting Africa as it once was. Explore wild landscapes of baobab studded hills, rocky escarpments and river shores in peace and solitude.

Ruaha National Park derives its name from the great Ruaha river which marks the Eastern boundary of the park. The river is home to hippo, crocodile and turtle.

There is also an amazing diversity of bird life within Ruaha. Around 460 species have been recorded, including migrating visitors from north and south.

A variety of habitats within the park (including miombo and acacia woodland, terminalia scrub and riverine forest) support many bird and animal species. Within its 12,950 sq km roam a dense population of elephant, the largest found within any East African national park and around 460 bird species have been recorded.

Expect to see a range of predators – lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and hyena; ungulates – zebra, defassa waterbuck, impala, giraffe and hartebeest, and some unexpected species more usually found in southern Africa – kudu, sable and roan antelope.


Peaceful 4X4 game driving and bush walking.